Analyze Blog Tags Using Python

Analyze Blog Tags Using Python

This blog was originally written for PyBites Blog and was published on 29th January, 2018.

Project Idea:
Given the RSS feed of PyBites platform, what tags does PyBites mostly use and what tags should be merged based on similarity.  

Using Feedparser, Difflib and Plotly to Analyze PyBites Blog Tags - PyBites
I came across PyBites through a random retweet by some other Pythonista and was intrigued by the challenges Bob and Julian post. Learning cool things by building something always fascinated me so...

Call to Action:
Just reading would not lead to much learning. Learning by doing is fun. You can pick RSS feed of any other blogging platform, write the code, perform the same exercise and see the result. This can be a good potential small side-project.

Concepts you'll learn:

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